The structure

An abode of white limestone surrounded by olive trees

The structure, made entirely of white limestone, was created as a manor house and a farm around 1920 by the Family De Giorgio, who has lived there for over 60 years. They took care of vines and olive trees grove , today they are the main resourses’ farm.
The “Palmento”, a large room with stone vults used during harvest time for pressing grapes, now is the Breakfast room.
The old circular farmyard, paving by white stone and built for threshing cereals like wheat, oats and barley, has become and ideal space for the outdoors. The central part of the house, with the internal place as a “trullo” ,is the suite called “Arco di Sole”.
Locations designed as a shelter for animals and those on the first floor, formerly used as a barn, have become apartments named “Melograno” and “Bellavista”.