The charming village of nightlife and meat to cooker

Cisternino , a village from the historic center is the city of the lively summer linked to the presence of the many restaurants , taverns and butchers , specialized in cooking meat ” to the stove ” , the typical stone oven where meat skewered in typical steel skewers is cooked slowly , not directly over the flame of the fire or coals , but with cooking reverb .
But Cisternino is also a charming village of small houses in white lime , inserted in the circuit of ” The most beautiful villages in Italy ” , in which also admire historic buildings such as the governor , a beautiful example of the Baroque in Puglia , Bishop’s Palace , Palazzo Amati , Lagravinese Palace , Palazzo De Vitofranceschi and Palazzo Ricci – Capece with the eponymous tower attached , also known as the Tower of the Wind .
The tower of the Great Gate or Norman – Swabian medieval , on top of which there is a small statue of St. Nicholas is about 17 meters high and was the main entrance of the city .
Do not miss: Easter Monday , ” A Pasquarèdde ” , the population goes to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Hibernia ( Madonna de Bernis ) , archaeological site with Roman and medieval , with cake, called ” u chrruchl ” from symbolic and propitiatory.