Martina Franca

Just 9 km (10 minutes drive)

Martina Franca is one of the larger cities and at the same time with the Old Town fairest of all those of the Itria Valley , also to the importance and beauty of its buildings and its churches, characterized by a prevalently baroque style .

Not to be missed in the city between the traditional festivals , the Patron Saint of San Martino ( first week of July ) during which are carried in procession the statues in silver of San Martino and Santa Comasia dating back to the first decade of the eighteenth century . Tradition has it that the statue of Santa Comasia should always proceed first , otherwise the statue of San Martino will become too heavy to carry. Also worth a mention two local products : wine Martina Franca DOC and Capocollo Martina Franca , product Slow Food , a sausage made ​​from the meat of pigs reared in the woods surrounding Martina Franca .