20 km (15 minutes drive)

“City only” ,this is the meaning of the name of the city of Monopoli, conferred by refugees from the city of Egnatia, when it was destroyed by the Goths. At that time Monopoli was the only port between Bari and Brindisi, and then enjoyed a certain importance. Dominated later by Byzantines, Normans and Swabians, threatened by Saracen raids and also ruled by the Venetians who used the port city as a refuge and place of trade , between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century it was ruled by the Aragonese, Austrians and Bourbons until when it was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy.

Characterized by a very busy port, the territory of Monopoli extends the “marina”, then climbing into the hills of the Murgia. The coast, characterized by numerous bays with crystal clear water , is famous for the nearby resort area of ​​the Chapter, with its beaches and its lively nightlife. In the historical center of the city you can still see the remains of the ancient city wall, while in the surrounding countryside , characterized by the Mediterranean and by the cultivation of olive and almond trees, meet the typical farms, the particular rock churches and traditional trulli.

To visit:

  • Castle of Charles V
  • Cathedral Basilica of Holy Mary of Madia
  • Church of Santa Maria of Amalfi
  • The port